Targets and tasks

Updated 01 June 2017

The Danish Patient Safety Authority performs a number of tasks that are part of our vision to strengthen patient safety. These tasks include to:

  • supervise authorised health professionals and health organisations.
  • offer advice about communicable diseases, health conditions relevant in the issuance of driving licences and to conduct inquests, etc..
  • issue registrations in 16 different healthcare professions to both Danish and foreign healthcare professionals.
  • issue permissions to practice independently as a medical doctor, dentist or chiropractor.
  • issue specialist registrations in the 38 medical specialities and specialist registrations in the two dental specialties.
  • resolve complaints about infringement of patient rights and complaints about treatment provided in the health service when the criticism concerns a treatment facility and not an individual healthcare provider.
  • handle the central administration of the reporting system for adverse events in the health service and contribute to using knowledge about adverse events and knowledge from patient and compensation cases in a preventive way.
  • give advice about the right to medical assistance in other countries pursuant to Danish legislation, EU regulation and other international agreements.

In addition, the Danish Patient Safety Authority serves as secretariat to: